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What Do You Need To Do Before Your Next Trade Show?

Exhibition Stand Staff TrainingExhibition season traditionally commences in the month of September, leaving businesses all over the country with just weeks to hone their strategy and purchase their materials for upcoming events and trade shows. Whether planning has been ongoing for many months, or whether the exhibition will be a last-minute attempt to boost sales and improve a business’ standings, there are just five vital tips which can help ensure the overall success of a trade show.

Mark Thompson, Sales Director at Printdesigns, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of quality exhibition stands for such promotional events, says, “All those attending exhibitions this season need to have a crystal clear strategy as well as a number of goals and targets for their trade show. With just five basic tips, a computer can have their exhibition plan up and running in just a matter of weeks.”

  1. Marketing Messages

First, it is important to establish the marketing message that an exhibition display will strive to create. Create consistency with graphics and all promotional materials and ensure that all equipment and staff are on the same wavelength when it comes to creating a strong and powerful message.

  1. Gather Statistics

Promotional materials are made much more effective with statistics and customer testimonials. Using the numbers to a business’ advantage can help to create an aura of success before the exhibition even begins. Potential clients will be more inclined to pay attention if there are examples of how the company has assisted others.

  1. Establish Goals

For a business attending a trade show, it is crucial that relevant goals are established. Without them, it will be impossible to tell whether the event was a success or a failure. Ensure that the right goals are established depending on the goals of the show, whether it is to gather contact information for mailing lists or to raise brand awareness and position the business against rivals.

  1. Know The Show

Do some research on the event. Source statistics from recent years to examine visitor numbers and satisfaction rates, and get hold of the official show kit to ensure that an exhibition complies with all in-house rules and will satisfy the criteria.

  1. Training

Ensure that all staff who will be representing the business are well informed of their duties and responsibilities. Brief them regarding the specific targets and goals of the show, and carry out the relevant training exercises to ensure that they are prepared for the prospective clients that they will be facing. It is also wise to invest in training for the higher-ranked staff members and even management, to ensure that everyone is on the same wavelength for the show.