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Versatile Exhibition Stands for Every Type of Space

Organisations which send sales teams to a number of different events and exhibitions throughout the year are often forced to think on their feet with regards to the size and shape of the space they are given. Those who purchase ‘shell’ spots at exhibitions are less concerned with fitting their exhibition stands into the space as the exact dimensions are laid out for them as part of their shell package. However, those who choose to use space only areas at exhibitions can often find themselves with a number of issues regarding spacing, the visibility of the stands and how attention-grabbing their display is. Getting to an exhibition to discover that the dimensions of the exhibition space, or the way the space faces, can be disastrous for those who are unprepared. It is important, for those who purchase space only pitches at exhibitions, to have a number of versatile and flexible banner stands in order for them to contend with any space restrictions they might face.

One of the easiest ways to overcome any constraints on visibility or exhibition space is to invest in a series of double-sided banner stands. These stands have high-quality graphics printed on both sides, so that in the event of ending up with a poor exhibition space, there is still as much chance as possible of the graphics catching a visitor’s eye. The high-quality double-sided banner stands rely on two roller mechanisms which are mounted back to back within the base mechanism. Rather than having one piece of material with graphics on either side, the graphics are supplied on two banners which can be pulled up separately and hooked over the central support pole. Having a double-sided exhibition stand like this also conceals the central support pole when the stand is fully assembled, and offers a more streamlined and professional image of the brand. These stands are versatile and flexible, and their portable nature means they can be placed at a number of vantage points to maximise their visibility when contending with sub-par exhibition space.

Another great way to deal with the unpredictability of having a different exhibition space every time is to purchase a linking banner stand system, which can be flexibly built in different shapes and sizes. Adjustable banner stands kits allow those putting together the display to have much more freedom in creating a display that will draw in the crowds and look professional.  Combining these adjustable stands with Flexilink kits and curved stands means that whatever the dimensions or position of the exhibition space, exhibitors can adapt their display to each venue and each pitch, and their display will appear natural and well-designed.