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Veloce Portable Banner Display Stand

Buying a pop up stand can be a confusing business because frankly from a small picture on a website, many pop up stands look exactly the same as one-another!

Sure there are differences between the materials supplier use to print pop up displays which can make the difference between a good pop up stand and a bad pop up stand but ultimately most suppliers print their graphics in a similar way and even source their hardware (the frames) from the same source.

I am continually amazed by the enormous price differential between identical products from different suppliers and I wonder how the expensive suppliers can charge more?

One technique I have seen used many times is for the expensive supplier to brand the pop up stand with an alternative name so it sounds like something different from one of the other cheaper pop up display stand suppliers on the web!

Today, I noticed that Marler Haley offer a stand called a veloce portable banner display or veloce pop up display stand. When I looked at the detail pictures of the frame I noticed the stand is in fact manufactured by Ultima Displays, one of our own suppliers.

From the pictures on the Marler Hayley website, we can see that the Velcoce pop up stand is the same as our quick fix pop up display which is available on our website for a lower price.

If you are thinking about purchasing a Veloce pop up display why not consider one of our express stands instead. A higher specification framework with fully magnetic fixings and less money too!


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