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Trade shows – three mistakes to avoid

Participating in trade shows and exhibitions always comes with its own share of benefits. Your company must have participated in a number of trade conventions. However, there are some slip-ups that are continually observed. Here are some of them and why you should avoid them.

Going too small

We all know that the smaller the size of the exhibit, the smaller the audience it attracts. If you have a small exhibit, chances are it may go unnoticed by most of the trade show visitors. If you have a bigger sized exhibit, chances are that people will notice it as soon as they enter the exhibition venue. Big exhibits are generally centrally placed, near the main entrance or near the aisle. The exhibit should contain a good number of exhibition stands to match up to the competition.

Going too big

If you are participating in trade shows for the first time, it is advisable that you settle for smaller and more basic exhibition stands and a compact trade exhibit. Using small exhibition stands, you can gauge what works and what doesn’t. You may notice that attractive graphics work better than bigger size exhibition stands. You may also figure out that attendees like an informal space in comparison to large exhibit areas.

No proper goals

A major blunder you might commit while participating in trade shows is not having specific goals in mind. Most companies when asked what their trade show goals are reply that they either want to increase sales or develop new sales leads. These are the most common of all replies. It is important that you narrow down your requirements and chalk out your goals in a well-defined way.