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Top 10 Tips For Making The Most Of Each Day At Your Exhibition

There are many great ways of ensuring that your trade show or exhibition is a success, and one of the key ways of doing this is naturally choosing the right exhibition stand for your event.

A wide range of exhibition stands exist to cater for a wide range of needs. To create a professional and exciting display, you may first wish to consider banner stands. These types of stands are highly portable and place your brand front and centre, helping to drum it into the minds of exhibition goers by association with your products. For those who tend to visit exhibitions specifically looking for the latest products that can make their lives easier, such a strong visual association as a banner stand helps to create can make the difference between a potential client forgetting about you the moment they leave the show and actually remembering your name ahead of all others and deciding to give you a call.

Alternatively, you may wish to invest in a pop up stand. These stands come in the form of magnetic pop up stands, fabric pop up stands and cross braced pop up stands, allowing you to communicate your brand’s message in a distinctive, intelligent and innovative way irrespective of your budget and practical requirements. Or why not invest in Twister Banner Stands? These stands are highly versatile and portable, and can be linked together to create larger, more impactful display walls. You can use them to create walls that vary in shape to give your visitors plenty of intriguing focal points.

It doesn’t matter what exhibition stands you invest in, however, if you don’t make the most of each day that you spend at your exhibition. It is for this reason that, without further ado, we present to you our top 10 tips on how to do so.

  • Hold a competition. Success at an exhibition or trade show shouldn’t mean putting your prospective customers under pressure to do business with you. Instead, you should consider what it is that makes you your company distinctive and better than your competitors offering similar products or services, and entice them accordingly. What better strategy, then, than to hold a competition that gives your customers that extra incentive to attend? Make such events clear on your pre-event promotional material.
  • Give things away. There are few better ways of unobtrusively drumming your brand into the minds of exhibition-goers whilst also fostering a positive relationship than by giving away promotional merchandise. Practical giveaway items such as bags, lanyards and pens can be used again and again and help to promote your brand long after the exhibition has ended, and not merely during the event itself.
  • Demonstrate your products or services. Prospective customers attend exhibitions with a view to finding products or services that will make their lives easier, so why not spell out how your offerings do so in clear, visual terms with a demonstration? Concisely and quickly communicate the essential information that your customers will find most interesting about your products and interact with them directly with the use of display counters.
  • Offer discount or gift vouchers. Much as with competitions and giveaways, discount or gift vouchers give prospective customers an incentive to attend your show whilst also directly benefiting from doing business with you – fostering a longer-term relationship than would be possible through a ‘hard sell’.
  • Ensure that you are well staffed. Ensure that there is always someone available to man your exhibition stand and to interact with customers that is also informed about your business and that can therefore effectively communicate its message. This way, you won’t miss out on potential business whilst someone is taking an impromptu dinner break.  
  • Make the maximum use of space. The space for your exhibition stands can be limited, so consider ways of making the most impact in a small space, such as by combining banner stands of an appropriate size with display counters. Know your venue well in advance so that you can order the appropriate exhibition stands and associated equipment.
  • Promote your event well in advance to well-targeted customers. By doing so – whether with Direct Mail, advertising or another method – you can boost the number of visitors to your exhibition stand, hence encouraging further interest. Make the most of your contacts database, including current clients and target companies that will also be exhibiting.
  • Use the same keywords in your exhibition stands as in your regular advertising. This is another highly effective way of further affirming your firm’s Unique Selling Points and ensuring consistency in your promotion, hence creating lasting associations in the minds of attendees.
  • Record prospective customers’ contact details. Your exhibition or trade show is as much an opportunity for you to learn about your customers as it is for your customers to learn about you, and this can be done not only in face to face conversation but also by recording their details and expanding your contact database for future use.
  • Visit your stand before each day of the exhibition. Walk around and look at your stand objectively as if you were a prospective customer. Make adjustments if necessary in accordance with customer feedback and your own judgment.

By following these tips, you can expect to attract the attention of more prospective customers and in the process, achieve what all firms ultimately set out to do when they attend an exhibition – boost revenue and sales.

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