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The Best Of Banner Stands

Banner stands are one of the most versatile and cost-effective ways to showcase a great promotional display at a conference or an event. They are simple, portable, budget-friendly and adaptable, and they can help to reinforce any brand message in a professional way. Printdesigns is one of the UK’s foremost suppliers of banner stands and similar conference equipment, and their range of stands is extensive and varied, with strengths in different areas and a lot of diverse uses. From bamboo to fabric, and from giant-size to desktop miniatures, there is almost endless choice for businesses and companies looking to add flair to any of their displays.

The roller banner stand is one of the simplest stand designs, and one of the most convenient ways to take promotional materials on the road. Their portability is one of their key strengths, and they tick all the boxes for strength, durability and ease of use. The base of these stands contains the graphic, keeping it protected when not in use (which can be long periods of time when travelling a lot). Assembly is easy; the graphic can simply be pulled up from its storage spot in the base of the stand, and hooked to the supplied pole, providing just the right amount of tension to create a flawless, crease-free finish. The most basic roller banner stands are available from just £75.00 for a set of two from Printdesigns.

Connecting banner stands together is a great way to form an impressive display wall which is sure to catch the eye at exhibitions. The linking banner stands available from Printdesigns are very flexible in that companies can purchase as few or as many as necessary and link them together to create displays of various different sizes and shapes. The Twist Banner Stand Flexilink Kit can be used to create curved walls, while the innovative Aero banner kit operates like a reverse roller banner stand, with the graphics being pulled down from the large frame. These linking banner stand sets are available with prices starting at just £205.00.

Giant banner stands combine the convenience and portability of a roller banner stand with the imposing size of the linking kits. Some standing up to 2 metres wide, the Giant Banner Stands available from Printdesigns are fantastic for creating backdrops and are a great setting for photo opportunities or press interviews. These pop-up walls are as sturdy and hardwearing as any of the other stands available, and the twin support poles ensure that the graphics are properly displayed and supported. A majestic giant banner stand is available from Printdesigns for just £186.75.