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Showcase Your Eco-Friendly Banner Stands At One Of These Sustainable Exhibitions

The idea of sustainability is becoming ever more prevalent in the everyday vocabulary of millions of businesses across the entire globe. Changing an organisation’s operational habits in order to reduce their impact on their environment is top priority for many nowadays, with both consumers and businesses always looking for ways in which to reduce their carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly. Showcasing a range of eco-friendly exhibition display stands in support of company environmental ethics, this article lists the top three eco-friendly exhibitions and trade shows from across the globe.


Eco Expo Asia

Taking place in at Hong Kong’s International Airport in October, the Eco Expo Asia trade show is one of the leading eco-friendly trade shows on the continent and boasts an incredible range of exhibition categories. Companies will present a range of displays on topical subjects such as air and water quality, energy efficiency and waste management. Using little to no electricity the media-integrated pop ups and roller banner stands support the eco-friendly theme. Although the show is just one year old, it smashed its targets in its inaugural year with more than 2,500 public visitors and 11,500 trade buyers. It is definitely a must-visit exhibition for organisations involved in eco-friendly products and services, or members of the public who wish to improve their ‘green’ credentials.


EcoBuild Trade Show

The EcoBuild Trade Show takes place on home turf at the Excel Centre in London and has been running successfully since 2005. Aimed at sustainable construction suppliers in the UK, the show also includes seminars and other events for visitors to take part in. Some of the biggest names in the industry will be present. Exhibitors who plan to attend this trade show will have the opportunity to network with these well-known businesses whilst showcasing their own sustainable ethos in the form of bamboo banner stands and recycled promotional materials.


Eco Transport and Logistics Trade Show

As the name suggests, the Eco Transport and Logistics Trade Show is solely for those within the transport and logistics industries. Held in Paris every year, the exhibition has room for more than 100 exhibition stands and will allow those visiting to educate themselves about the latest developments in sustainable transport issues. The show takes place on the 26th – 28th March, so it is the first of the three on the calendar, and will be an exciting event for anyone interested in the sustainable practices of their business.