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Replacing the print on a roller banner stand

Roller banners use a flexible print that is connected to a base that encompasses a spring-loaded roller mechanism.

Although most roller type banner stands are not designed specifically for the printed graphic to be removed and replaced, it is generally possible although the process can be quite fiddly.

First of all the printed graphic must be manually wound-out all of the way so that the join between the bottom of the print and the banner stand roller mechanism is exposed. The banner is joined onto a piece of flexible plastic known as a ‘leader’. Once exposed the print must be manually peeled-off the ‘leader’ as carefully as possible to prevent damaging the stand. Before doing this, see below!

When the print has been wound-out of the stand, you need to insert a locking pin into the base of the banner. The locking pin will prevent the printed graphic from retracting into the stand. It’s much easier to swap-over the print when you are not fighting against the tension of the spring! A small allen key or electrical screwdriver is usually sufficient to act as a locking pin or, if you are ordering new printed graphics from us then just ask and we will provide one free of charge.

When the mechanism of the stand has been locked and the print has been peeled off the banner stand base, you can  remove the rail that is fitted to the top of the banner stand graphic. Depending on the model, this rail might be clamped into place or it could be fastened with a self adhesive tape. Clamp type rails can normally be prised-apart using a flat head screwdriver or similar blunt tool whereas a self adhesive rail would have to be removed and re-taped with a suitably strong double-sided adhesive tape.

The process of re-fitting the new print of the stand is the inverse of the above. That is; re-attach the top rail to the new print, re-fasten the print to the base of the stand with suitable tape and finally remove the locking pin to allowing the new print to retract into the base. When doing this, be careful so that the print does not wind-in too rapidly as this could cause the print to fold/crease or become otherwise damaged.

The process of replacing a print might take 10 minutes and can be fiddly so if you are not reasonably practical it might be better to send old stands to us so we can do this for you.

If the stands you have are budget type products then there could be little value in the old mechanisms. This means that the differential in cost between purchasing a new complete stand and just a new print could be around £5 only. As such, it tends to be the case that changing the graphic on a roller banner stand is economically sensible for more expensive systems whereby the value of the base mechanism is higher.

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