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Printdesigns: The Journey

Now one of the internets most renowned retailers of exhibition stands, Printdesigns started with humble beginnings to make not only innovative solutions for exhibiting but cost effective options suitable for both the small and larger business. Journalist Tina Clough spoke to the Staffordshire based firm to find out where it all began.

Mark Thompson, from the firm who offers a range of exclusive and unique exhibition stands, banner stands and pop-up stands, said, “My wife and I started off making point of sale display tickets for retailers. Believe it or not, our biggest area of customers were butchers and fruit and vegetable shops.

“Instead of the global firm we are now, we would instead work from a small office and ran a business whereby smaller companies could order small volumes of point of sale marketing material such as tickets and posters, which we would design for them, print and deliver in only a few days.”

Established in 1999, the firm found that after investing in wide format printing equipment which at the time was quite a rare prospect, that they could develop their business outside of the production of retail point of sale material, and there was scope to take the business further.  As a result, the firm who now offer pop up stands and banner stands, were dealing the production of posters and banners on a trade basis for many high street print companies including many prontaprint and kall kwik franchises.

Mr Thompson, added, “Entering into the production of exhibition displays was natural given that we had the tools for the production of these graphics available to us. In the very early days we literally bought display frameworks from distributors and combined with our own graphics to create finished ready to use displays.

“We decided to source our own systems for two reasons, firstly because buying in bulk from overseas manufacturers saved money when compared to buying from a distributor. In addition, buying direct and dealing with manufacturers rather than box shifters allows us to make revisions and improvements to product lines.”

Today the firm is a major player within the exhibition stand market and produces all of their own printing in house, setting them apart from many of their competitors. As a result, the firm who pride themselves on both their competitive pricing and customer service, offer an extremely fast turnaround on all of their products, because all of the production is handled in house and stands are always in stock for a blisteringly fast turnaround.

Mr Thomson added, “We have come so far as a firm and we are all excited about what the future brings- especially now the recession has finally passed and business looks set to become much brighter over the coming months.”

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About Printdesigns: Printdesigns is one of the UK’s leading supplier of portable banner stands, pop up stands, pop up displays, exhibition stands and roller banners. we are a specialist print company dealing in the production of portable display stands for exhibitions, conferences, events and advertising. Since our company formed in 1999 we have produced work for a wide variety of businesses both large and small. Our display stands have been the choice for big businesses such as Microsoft, Sony, BMW, Mazda and Lexmark.