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Printdesigns Still Leading the Way in Fabric Display Stands

TEXStyle SwirlStaffordshire based display stand company Printdesigns is still at the forefront of the fabric banner stand revolution after launching its TEXstyle collection last year. The team at Printdesigns believe to their knowledge they are still the only company in the UK designing, printing and finishing every aspect of every order in-house rather than outsourcing manufacturing overseas.

Ahead of the curve while simultaneously offering value and affordability, Printdesigns is proud of its ‘Made in Britain’ stamp. Very few companies in the UK own the necessary equipment to print and sew fabric display stands, which is why they are forced to send part of the process abroad, usually to China.

Printdesigns Co-Founder Mark Thompson said, “We aren’t aware of any company in Britain who can produce the same sort of fabric display stands that we can. They send the manufacturing overseas where they have no control over quality or the time it takes to complete. It seems ridiculous to think that a customer in London should order from a London based company and have to wait for a large product to be shipped to and from China before it is delivered to the client.”

The TEXstyle range of fabric exhibition stands are a completely new concept in display stand design and have a multitude of benefits. The graphics for the stand are printed onto fabric rather than PVC or any other material, meaning there are no panel joins. This is a more environmentally conscious choice as the graphic panel can be washed, doesn’t damage easily so lasts for years and when the time comes, it can be recycled with other textiles.

Fabric display stands are also much more practical, as they are lightweight and far easier to transport than a traditional stand. The fabric graphics also look very different and more advanced than the old type of exhibition stand, making them instantly more visible at an event or trade show.

Mark added, “Fabric is the future of printed displays, and Printdesigns is the first company to embrace it.”