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Printdesigns Spreads Christmas Cheer with Life Size Cardboard Cut Outs

Printdesigns is offering a fun and unique Christmas gift this year, for those looking for something different and novel. Thanks to its innovative cardboard engineering, the company can offer life size cardboard cut outs of any celebrity who would make the receiver happy – young girls can have their favourite 1D band member while Mums can finally stand next to George Clooney.

thumbnail (10)The cardboard displays, which are lightweight and 100% recyclable, can be created to replicate any person or animal – Printdesigns just need a suitable image to print onto the cardboard. It doesn’t have to be a celebrity – buying someone a life size cut out of themselves is a funny gift, while it could also be a thoughtful way to send Christmas wishes to parents who will be missing grown-up children if they are away on Christmas day.

Mark Thompson, Co-Founder of Printdesigns said, “It’s never too early to make a start on your Christmas shopping, and if you’re looking for something completely unique you’ll need to search extra hard. A life size cut out of somebody in the family, a celebrity crush or someone’s all time hero is a quirky gift which nobody else will think of. It also makes a great Secret Santa joke present!”

There’s a suitable cut out for everyone – regardless of age, gender and range of interests. From favourite sports stars to Hollywood’s greatest actors, absolutely anyone can be recreated in cardboard. People could even decide to bring celebrities back from the dead if relatives or friends are huge fans of Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley.

Mark added, “There’s so many ways to give this incredible gift – anyone in long distance relationships could buy their partner a cardboard cut out of themselves, so they can always be with their partner! If somebody has to work Christmas day or is overseas, buy a cut out of the family member and stick them around the table so they don’t miss out!”

In addition to these bespoke designs, Printdesigns also offer a range of Christmas themed cardboard displays. The engineered designs include a snowman and Christmas tree, and the eco-friendly cardboard can be printed with bespoke designs including business logos and photographs.