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Printdesigns Reveals Top Tips To Boost B2B Trade Show Strategy

Trade Show Even as the world of marketing is transformed by digital innovations, there remain certain physical methods that will forever stand the test of time. Marketing experts across the world continue to praise the benefits of attending trade shows and today Printdesigns, a display stand provider with over a decade of experience, is sharing its tips on how to boost every corporate trade show strategy.

Mark Thompson, Co-Founder of Printdesigns revealed, “For B2B organisations, there is no better marketing ‘playground’ than the trade show. These events offer a unique opportunity to make strategic, long-lasting connections, to refine and re-iterate a brand’s image and ethos and to showcase the latest products to a highly relevant audience. The importance of these physical events should never be forgotten, even in our digitally-focussed age.”

Launching in 1999, Printdesigns has guided its customers towards trade show success using its range of leading custom printed solutions. Understanding the importance of providing quality products while taking the time to understand the individual needs of each client, its team uses its extensive expertise to ensure every trade show attendance can meet its customer’s professional goals.

Mark Thompson continued, “Your stand at each exhibition or conference acts as a central point to your overall strategy and in order to leverage its effectiveness you can use a number of additional tactics. Applying to speak at the event is a fantastic way to showcase the knowledge that your team and your organisation has on your product area. What’s more, it exposes your company to a wider audience and in turn, generates interest for your stand.

“In order to identify the subject of your talk, and ultimately which trade shows you should be attending and talking at, it is always a good idea to clearly define your goals at the very start of your trade show planning process. Certain trade shows will be able to help you achieve certain things, and the topic of your seminar should reflect this.”

With its extensive experience in the sector, Printdesigns understands the changing market and uses this knowledge to provide premium, relevant trade show solutions to its customers.

Mark Thompson added, “With this prior planning in place and with a clear target set, the final piece of the puzzle is to ensure your booth reflects this. Acting as a core to help you meet these goals, the branding of your stand must portray a consistent message. In order to boost B2B trade show strategy, refreshing and refining your display stand materials is essential.”