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Printdesigns Reveals How to Engage Millennials at Exhibitions

digital-poster-display-hire“Engaging millennials” is a buzz term which is often thrown around in business these days, but when it comes to marketing and appealing to the younger generation, it’s vital. Exhibition experts Printdesigns have cracked the code and is now revealing the key actions involved in engaging millennials at trade fairs and events.


The good news for businesses at live events and exhibitions is that generally millennials spend more money on experiences over possessions. For example, car ownership in young people in the US is falling, in favour of spending money on eating out and going to concerts. Businesses need to hone in on this trend for sharing experiences rather than persuading millennials to buy a product, explains Printdesigns Co-Founder Mark Thompson. He said, “Individuals born between the 80s and the 00s have grown up in a constantly changing digital world – many of them won’t remember a time before the internet. Exhibitors need to create an experience at their stand which millennials will want to share with their friends on social media.”


Impressive graphics and carefully crafted details at a booth could fail to engage millennials altogether unless they can interact with it. If the younger generation is your target demographic, then it is worth investing in a digital display stand. This will attract attention and keep eyes on the screen if the display changes every 10 seconds.


Mark added “Remember that as a general rule, millennials have a short attention span and are constantly connected. They are multiple screen users, comfortable with multi-tasking when it comes to technology. Asking them for their contact details on an iPad rather than on a piece of paper will show you are dedicated to moving forwards, engaged in the digital side of consumer marketing and aren’t stuck in the past.”


Another tip from the display stand manufacturer refers to the actions of exhibitors after the event. According to Printdesigns, it is crucial to contact millennials soon after the event to avoid missing the boat.


Mark said, “If you capture lead contact information then following up no later than two days after the event is vital. Millennials will forget all about your company and if they were interested in it soon after the initial meeting so email them and also search for their social media accounts and follow them on those platforms too. Our last piece of advice is you should stick to these three principles as a brand: be fun, be visual and be social.”


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