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Printdesigns Produce Ground-Breaking Textile Stands in Record Time

texstyle-surge-fabric-banner-stand (1)As part of a few printing companies who produce soft signage and fabric display signs, Printdesigns are part of the minority who design, print and finish the entire signage in-house.  Because Printdesigns don’t need to outsource any part of the production, they can generate the textile stands in as little as 1-2 days, compared to the average 1-2 weeks waiting time of other companies.


After installing dye sublimation based print equipment, spending months testing fabrics and hiring specialist staff, Printdesigns can now offer a premier range of textile exhibition stands designed and completed in-house.  This type of digital textile printing is relatively rare in the UK, pushing Printdesigns into the forefront of signage technology and becoming one of a handful of companies who are able to produce and finish these stands in record time.


Mark Thompson, Sales Director of Printdesigns said, “These types of textile based exhibition stands are fairly new to the market, and Printdesigns worked rapidly to become ahead of the game and start producing these displays in-house.  We have spent a substantial amount on the latest printing technology and hired a professional seamstress to finish the signage, all in order to ensure we can deliver these ground-breaking signs to our customer in express time.”

Textile based exhibition stands are revolutionary because they weigh half as much as their traditional counterparts using PVC or polyester rollable panels.  With fabric stands, there are no seams or eyesores between graphics as they are all printed together onto 1 piece of textile 3.2 metres wide.  Another benefit of using fabric panels is they can be folded up easily for transport and storage, without damaging the display in any way.


Printdesigns is leading the way in the digital textile display market, by introducing clients all over the nation to the advantages of this radical lightweight exhibition stand.  Customers can now choose this practical product with the assurance of knowing it will be delivered as quickly as a regular display stand.