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Printdesigns Debuts 100% Recyclable Eco Banner Stand

eco-banner-standA UK-based printing company is helping businesses up their green credentials and sustainability practices with a revolutionary eco banner stand. With the UK producing 434 million tonnes of waste a year, it is vital that the exhibition industry takes steps to control waste management, and a 100% recyclable cardboard display stand could be the answer.

The aftermath of exhibitions and trade shows can be alarming, with mountains of plastic and metal exhibition stands leftover and paper marketing materials dumped immediately afterward.  Printdesigns’ eco banner stand is the environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional banner stands which use metal and plastic components.

Mark Thompson, Sales Director of exhibition stand company Printdesigns said, “Every business needs to start respecting the planet more – us included – which is why we have developed this product which will not harm the environment in any way. Made from 100% recycled material, it still looks great at point of sale or as an exhibition display stand. Moving forwards, Printdesigns is committed to being environmentally aware and encouraging businesses to opt for our eco-friendly products.”

While many businesses recycle on a daily basis, scientists predict it could be too little too late, with landfills overflowing at a rapid rate. Such huge events such as trade shows leave a huge carbon footprint and a colossal amount of garbage, which is why organisers and businesses need to be doing everything they can to reduce the effects of the events on the environment.

Printdesigns offer a range of green display stands and pop-up displays for environmentally conscious businesses to choose from. The new eco banner stand is made from 100mm Ultra Board with a honeycomb centre, and as predicted it is lightweight and easy to transport. Aside from the eco banner cardboard stand, Printdesigns offers the revolutionary range of fabric exhibition stands. The TEXstyle collection presents a new concept in display stand design, printing onto textiles rather than PVC. These stands have many green benefits: the graphic panels can be washed to be re-used for years to come, and when the time comes to replace it the panel can also be full recycled along with other fabrics.

Mark added, “We really want to inspire businesses small and large to think green and be environmentally conscious. That’s why we are offering discounts for large volumes on our new eco banner stand – the higher the quantity, the higher the discount. This makes the eco banner stand perfect for nationwide campaign and promotions.”