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How to change graphics on a roller banner stand


Changing the graphic on a roller banner stand takes only a few minutes

Changing the graphic on a roller banner stand takes only a few minutes


Most roller banner stands that are available in the UK today work on the same principle although the design, style and weight of the base can vary depending on the model of banner stand.

We are often sent banner stands by customers who require only replacement graphics for an existing banner stand and although we charge nothing for the removal and replacement of graphics, the carriage cost for the customer to courier the stand to us obviously adds cost to the job.

Changing the graphic on a banner stand is very easy and does not require any special tools and with this in mind, we produced a quick guide that explains the process of removing an existing banner stand print and re-fitting a new print to the stand.

You can download the how to change a banner stand graphic here.

Printdesigns can supply new graphics for all types of banner stands and with over 10 years experience in the production of graphics to suit banner stands and pop up stands you can be assured that your new panels will be the best possible quality. If you have some existing displays and would like to refresh the content by -re-skinning’ them, why not call us on 01785 224055.

  • Robbie Coleman

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am wondering if you could provide me with a rough price please that your company would charge to “reskin” a roller banner?

    The model of banner we have is a Premier Display Wing. I beleive the banner is around 850mm wide and 1.8m high but would check this prior to ordering as I am only drawing up a budget for the next financial year at this stage.

    We could remove the banner from its base and send in only what is necessary.

    kind regards

    Robbie Coleman
    Edinburgh Office
    Meningitis Research Foundation

  • Hi Robbie,

    Thanks for your enquiry. We can make replacement graphics for almost any type of banner stand.

    The Premier Wing is a stand I have not come across for a long time but I know these stands are good, robust units and so it would definitely be worthwhile re-printing it if the stand itself is in good working order.

    We have two main materials that we use for printing roller banner graphics onto. One is a PVC based material and one is a polyester based material. The PVC material can be printed using a UV or Latex print process which is waterfast without lamination whereas the polyester based film is a photo-coated material that will require a lamination for it to be durable.

    The cost for using the PVC is £40 and the cost for the polyester with laminated finish is £60. The prices are ex vat and delivery which is £15 plus vat to any mainland UK address.

    We make no charge for the removal of your old graphic so you can just return the entire cassette if you wish.

    I hope this helps and please just let us know if we can help further.

    Printdesigns Limited