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Experts Reveal How to Make an Impact at an Exhibition

pop up stand with LED lightsAs one of the leading suppliers of marketing materials to businesses in the UK, PrintDesigns are using their years or expertise to advise customers planning an exhibition or trade event.  With so much competition, it is important to make an impact at these events and PrintDesigns are leading the way in their sector for giving businesses extra help and advice.

The first tip from the experts at PrintDesigns is to focus on the exhibit display.  Mark Thompson, Sales Director of the leading exhibition stand supplier says, “The visual impact of a display stand at an exhibition must make a strong first impression; visitors will give each exhibitor around 3 seconds to decide if they are interested in a company and its services.”  The entire display acts as a direct and powerful reflection of a company and their ethos, and people will make assumptions of the level of quality and service they will receive just from the visual display.

So does that mean businesses need to invest large sums of money on these display stands?  Mark thinks it actually comes down more to the design of the exhibition stand, and spending more doesn’t always necessarily provide a better outcome.  “Even on a budget it is possible to make a big impact, especially with a pop-up exhibition stand from our professional range,” he added.

It seems that to make a lasting impression, companies need to think carefully about the design and content of their exhibition displays.  An eye-catching display stand is a must, but it is just as important to include the right amount of information to grab the attention of passers-by.  The useful information should be just enough to let people know – in summary – who you are and what you do, without inundating them with facts and figures.  A short and snappy sentence should do, as it is easy for visitors at exhibitions to become overwhelmed, and even if they glance at your display there needs to be an element that keeps them looking and wanting to learn more.

Once you’ve sorted the perfect pop-up display stand for an exhibition, it’s time to work on the engagement approach.  Getting people interested in your product or service is challenging when they’ve already been pestered for hours on end.  PrintDesigns recommend running a competition on your stand with a big giveaway; this has two main advantages.  Firstly, by entering personal details you will have email addresses and other contacts available for further marketing purposes.  Secondly, while people are taking the time to complete the necessary forms, you can put your sales technique to use and tell people more about your company, your products, and overall the reason people should choose your business.