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Exhibition Shell Scheme Display Options

We are often asked by customers what the options are for filling a typical shell scheme. There are in fact limitless ways that you can fill the space but here are some options….

Firstly, what is a shell scheme?

With a shell scheme, you are provided with a series of posts that have infill panels between them. The infill panels could be plain white or sometimes they are fabric covered.The Shell Scheme is used to break-up space in an event hall.

Graphic panels can be produced that will fit inside the posts or we can provide panels and fixings that will allow the panels to fit over the top of the posts. The great thing about putting graphic panels over the top is that you can become more creative with the design of the stand. You can create a continuous mural that runs around the edge of the booth rather than having a series of panels with posts in-between.

If you choose to use panels that fit in-between the shell scheme posts then there are several common materials we can print onto. A typical infill panel would measure 946mm wide x 2340mm tall. Here are some typical costs

  • PVC – A 600gsm Blockout Material (rollable) – panels are around £44 each for a full width and full height panel
  • Opal Jet Polyester – A heavyweight blockout display film with a scratch resistant laminated finish – panels are around £70 each for a full width/height panel
  • Foamex – A semi rigid PVC sheet – panels are around £70 each for a full width/height panel
  • Corrugated ‘shell pac’ panels – printed on 5mm thick corrugated card and then folded into three so easy to transport – panels are around £55 each for a full width/height panel


The first two materials can be rolled up so they are easy to transport but foamex panels are supplied as large, flat sheets and so you will need a larger vehicle to transport them.

Shell Pac is a new type of product which although benefitting from looking like a rigid board, is folded into three so far easier to transport than a single flat sheet.


If you decide that you would like to create a continuous graphic wall then we would provide you with some Shell Clad fixings. Essentially these fixings clip onto the existing shell scheme framework and then allow the panels to be positioned edge to edge.

There are two types of material we can produce shell clad panels with:

  • Opal Jet Polyester (as described above)
  • A premium version which is backed with a fluted board to keep the panel extra rigid.

The cost for a shell scheme of 3M x 2.5M which would include cladding all three walls would be £940 plus vat.


If you simply want to fill the maximum space in the most cost effective manner then we can provide super-wide sized dye sublimation printed fabric panels which can be attached to your stand wall in a variety of ways.

Dye sublimation printed graphic panels look far superior to large plastic/PVC banners and have a unique, upmarket appearance. A large scale dye sublimation print to fit your stand backwall would cost around £216 plus vat and we can offer help and advice regarding the best way to attach it to your shell scheme.


We hope this information helps and please just contact our sales team should you have any queries :-)