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Exhibition Guide – Planning and Preparation

Taking a stand to an exhibition or event takes a lot of planning and preparation in advance, and there are certain steps which need to be followed in the run up to the day itself. From sourcing the exhibitions which will target the right audiences to choosing which exhibition stands to take to fill the allocated space, there are many things to consider and plan for. This guide runs down the appropriate preparation that should be carried out before heading to a conference or exhibition and advises on how to get the best out of the event.

1. Source Appropriate Exhibitions

There are hundreds of thousands of events which take place across the globe every year, with industries from antiques to wedding fairs and from agriculture to warehousing. It’s important to research events thoroughly, which can include analysing audited attendance records and by speaking to event organisers and those who have taken displays there in the past. Once it has been established which conferences or exhibitions will be attended, formulating a PR campaign is also important. Getting articles published in trade magazines, providing customers with a pre-exhibition newsletter and encouraging interest around the event is vital.

2. Plan A Display – Shell or Space?

There are two main options when choosing a space for an exhibition stand; shell or space. As the name might suggest, space is purely an empty area of an exhibition hall, stripped of carpet and lighting so that those exhibiting can have total freedom over the area to fill it with pop-up exhibition stands as well as other promotional materials. The shell option is a standard exhibition package with carpet, walls, electrical sockets, lighting options and often a name board. There are advantages to both, but budget restraints means that the shell option is a better choice for the majority of businesses.

3. Filling The Space

Whether choosing space or shell, filling the space will often include banner stands. There are certain issues to bear in mind when choosing a stand to take to exhibition. How many times will this banner system be used? Is it important to be able to switch between graphics? If using a shell scheme, will it fit beneath the ceiling? Will the stands ever need to be used outside? When choosing an exhibition display it is worth bearing such questions in mind as they can help to save money and time when it comes to exhibition season in later years.

When exhibiting at trade shows and fairs, a unique opportunity is presented for businesses to expand their reach, increase brand awareness and attract new customers. When carried out properly and with the right preparation, this form of marketing can be profitable and effective, but the careful planning and setting of objectives is crucial in mapping an exhibition campaign.