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Exhibition Accessories Ensure Successful Conference Season

September traditionally means the commencement of exhibition season for many businesses, with trade shows and conferences taking place all over the country. With around six weeks to go before these events start to take place, many businesses will be planning their marketing strategies and putting together their promotional kits for when they hit the road. Having banner stands and their corresponding printed graphics prepared is one thing, but exhibitions often require many other pieces of equipment to ensure that they go without a hitch. Printdesigns is a UK provider of exhibition stands for many companies within the UK, and their selection of essential accessories can help any business to prepare for the exhibitions to come.

When travelling around the country, visiting conferences which may be held in a manner of different venues, and spending a lot of time in transit, it is crucial to keep banner stands and graphics in pristine condition. Getting to an event to find a tear in a graphic or a broken stand due to bad storage in transit would be nothing short of a disaster. Printdesigns have a huge selection of exhibition stand bags which will protect the vast majority of the stands they sell. From simple padded bags to molded polyethylene cases, the level of protection is entirely up to the customer, but they can rest assured that whichever carry case they choose, their conference kit will be immaculate along the entire exhibition trail.

Replacement or back-up graphics are also a great idea for those who will be making presentations at conferences in adverse conditions. Many September conferences may be pencilled in to be outdoor events, so an identical back-up graphic for a pop up exhibition stand is a practical purchase to ensure the professionalism of any display. Printdesigns can provide replacement graphics simply and easily when provided with the manufacturer of the banner stand the graphic will be used with, and the correct sizes and specifications. Budget banner replacement graphics are available starting at just £35.00, with pop-up alternatives priced at £70.00.

For maximum emphasis on a display, appropriate lighting is important. However, as with all electrical appliances, lights have a definite shelf life, especially if they are being carted from venue to venue on a regular basis. The PowerSpot 800 Roller Banner Stand Light is compatible with all of the roller banner stands available from Printdesigns, and is simple and easy to attach; the affixed bulldog clamp means it can be joined to the pole at the rear of any roller banner stand, and the adjustable head means it can be altered to highlight the most important feature of the graphic. At just £30.00, these lights can be bought in bulk and kept as spares on the road.