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Essential Spring Pop Up Stand System Review

For those who are looking for a very basic pop up stand, the Essential Spring Up Pop Up Stand is available via Innotech Digital.

The essential spring up pop up stand is a Chinese manufactured system that we have seen before from a number of other Far East suppliers and is aimed at very price concious customers.

Firstly, we can start with the things we do not like about this stand:-

  • The spring shown has a tendency to nip your fingers in use so care must be taken to avoid a nasty pinch
  • The channel bars on the stand are raw metal (no magnetic tape on them) which means that the panels to not automatically centre on the bars as is the case with other pop up stands
  • The case supplied is a fabric trolley style drum. We do not think it is strong enough for courier transport regularly or transport by airline without further packing
  • Is only available in one shape and size (3×3 curved). This would limit the stand for customers who wanted to fill a larger exhibition space or who wanted to create a display by linking several stands of different shapes and sizes together.

The good points about the frame are:-

  • The price – (it’s cheap)!


Printdesigns Limited do not offer this frame as part of our pop up stand range due to the negative points raised above but for those customers looking for a budget/economy pop up display, we can provide the essential spring pop up stand on request.

We have some great deals on our 3×3 Express curved pop up stand and our recommendation would be that if you are considering the purchase of a pop up stand then paying a small amount more for a traditional magnetically locking stand is worthwhile. Our Express pop up stand kits come with a rigid case that converts into a podium/table as standard. Express frames are available in a choice of sizes and shapes so they are an expandable pop up display solution.