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Curvorama Display Stands Improved for October 2012

Since we introduced our range of Curvorama display stands this summer, we have had a great response from customers who are looking for a very lightweight, linking banner stand system at an affordable price.

Our first batch of Curvorama stands relied very heavily on graphic panels being produced to a very exacting panel height to prevent any forwards or backwards ‘lean’. In October revisions are being made to the feet that are available to the stand to compensate for any small discrepancy in panel size. The new Curvorama feet will feature a ‘cam’ that will allow the angle of the feet in relation to the floor to be variable. New feet will also be slightly longer whilst being lighter too. This will offer a reduction in weight whilst maintaining stability.

Developments on the Curvorama shell scheme clips have also been made to improve the product. The new range of shell scheme clips are stronger than ever and will allow Curvorama graphic panels to be supported onto the wall of most shell schemes without the need for them to be free-standing. This is obviously a great benefit for those who wish to display their banner wall at a show or exhibition without having to occupy valuable floor space with the stands.

Since the introduction of Curvorama this year, Printdesigns have worked closely with both the designer and distributor of the product and are currently the largest stockist of Curvorama graphics and display equipment in the UK. We can offer great value printing on all Curvorama systems and thanks to our automated Zund cutting system, we can ensure your graphic panels are trimmed for perfect panel alignment.