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Be a Sustainable Business: The Benefits of Bamboo Banner Stands

Sustainable banner standsBeing a sustainable business is high on most business’s agenda nowadays, as corporate responsibility is a pressing topic all over the world.  Being environmentally friendly in all aspects of business is vital to protect our planet from further damage, as businesses create a bigger impact on the environment.  For example, marketing departments have tried to cut down on print advertising to save paper and transfer to e-marketing when possible.  They can go one step further by investing in sustainable bamboo display stands for trade shows and presentations manufactured by PrintDesigns.

PrintDesigns, an industry leader in exhibition stands and portable advertising solutions offers an eco-friendly banner stand made out of bamboo.  By using a rapidly replaceable plant material, this display stand is not only sustainable and kind to the environment, it is also affordable.

“As a business ourselves we understand the importance of being environmentally friendly and reducing our carbon footprint,” explains Mark Thompson, Sales Director of Print Designs.  “That’s why we took 20 months developing this bamboo banner stand, a sustainable and greener option for commercial companies.  We have created a unique product that is cost-effective, durable and attractive whilst additionally reducing environmental impact.” 

Bamboo is the sustainable material of choice because it is one of the fastest growing plants in the world; it takes just 3-4 years to grow tall enough to be harvested as a useful construction material.  Bamboo is a greener material than aluminium, wood, glass fibre and steel, which is why PrintDesigns have designed and manufactured an eco-friendly banner stand made from the natural substance. 

PrintDesigns offer a bamboo banner stand and a bamboo poster shelf banner stand, which have all the same functions and qualities as other banner stands.  Both products provide a natural look which is durable and functional as well as attractive.  In addition, the high quality of the bamboo display stands is not accompanied by a high price tag.

“The best thing about going green with your exhibition stands is it won’t cause you any extra expense,” adds Mark.  “In fact, some of our bamboo stands actually cost less than some of the conventional aluminium systems; which is even more of an incentive to choose the eco-friendly option.”