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A marketing manager’s essential tradeshow booth checklist

Every marketing manager knows that the key to running a successful exhibition stand is in proper preparation. While this may stand true for a wide range of tasks and in many industries, anyone who has ever attended or has been responsible for organising a trade show booth – from training staff to designing the banner stands – knows how chaotic and confusing it can be, making the case for organisation even clearer.

To help make this easier, we’ve put together an essential tradeshow booth checklist. By using and following this list, you can be sure that you haven’t forgotten anything and that you have arranged everything you need to run a great exhibition stand!


Clarify the objectives of this event with staff and your management team

Every event you attend will be able to help your business reach a particular goal. In order to ensure they are met, ensure that your staff on all levels understand the aims and objectives of the event.

Make sure your exhibition stand projects this message

Evaluate your marketing materials such as banners stands, posters, flyers and leaflets. Do they portray the same message? If not, it might be time to invest in some new banner stands and trade show accessories.

Check over your final display stand material, or ensure it has arrived at the venue

Sometimes you will take your banner stands and display stand material to the event with you, other times it will be made and shipped straight to the venue. Whichever option applies to you, confirm that you have everything you planned on using to brand your exhibition stand.

Confirm your travel arrangements

Trade shows are based all across the country which means travel and accommodation, if you are heading a long way away, is a very important part of the planning process. Be sure that every member of your team has travel arranged and is aware of how they are getting to and from the trade show. It is good practice to check and double check any train or flight tickets beforehand to identify any mistakes while there is still time to fix them!

Pre-pack smaller marketing collateral

This includes business cards, pens, contact forms or anything else that will help you to network, gather data and ultimately help you reach your goal at the event. Prepare this well in advance and ensure it is packed safely with the rest of your kit.

Plan your post-event approach

Every business will have a different approach to following up on leads after your event. Whether it is company policy to give leads a phone call straight away, or to send them an email a week after the event, make sure that your sales staff are all aware so that every possible lead you meet knows what to expect.

Give your office team a copy of your itinerary and contact details

It is also good practice to leave a copy of your schedule with someone who will be at the office, alongside contact details of every person who is going to the event. In a case of an emergency, or if anyone needs to speak to you or your staff while you are away, this will help to keep communication clear.

If you follow this checklist and realise that you need to update your exhibition stand material, fast, we can help! Give us a call at 01785 818 111 or get in touch online