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10 Tips For Designing A Poster For Business Success

design Posters are attention grabbing tools that will help your business get noticed whilst increasing  your customer base. Their low-cost low-risk nature makes them a fantastic marketing tool.  Especially now as the weather gets warmer and more potential clients are hitting the streets,  now is the time to think about implementing your poster strategy to be seen by the public!  Many business owners struggle to create truly eye-catching posters but by following some  simple rules, designing an incredible poster can be exceptionally easy.

  1. Start With A Fantastic Idea

A brilliant poster starts with a fantastic idea, which can then be created into an eye-catching design. Your idea should push the images and colours on to create something that looks truly stunning.

  1. Your Message

A poster is a great way to put across your brand message, and this can help to form some simple visual ideas. Think about what is important to you and your business and try to convey this through your poster.

  1. Words

Words relating to what the poster is meant to be conveying will help you craft something that is truly representative. Think carefully about the messages on your poster, and make them readable and easy to understand.

  1. Hands On

Computers are great for the final design but try out your idea by hand first. This will give you a great chance to connect with the poster and understand if it conveys what you want it to.

  1. Fives

An effective poster will have an impact whether it is seen from 5 inches, 5 meters or 5 Km. Try to figure out what different perspectives and different views mean to your poster and where you plan on placing the final product.

  1. Mediums Matter

Try to design your poster to your chosen method of printing. For instance, if you’re screen printing you could use an overlay for extra colour or with digital printing you could integrate photography for a crisp and eye catching look.

  1. Branding

The company logo and colours can form an integral part of your design and help create a link back to your business. This means when your poster is seen they will instantly think of your company.

  1. Stand Out Factor

You want your poster to jump off the wall at passers-by therefore you need to make a design that really stands out especially if it is surrounded by others.

  1. Scale

Exploring the scale of images can help create visual interest in your poster. Creating something that is slightly unusual to the norm will naturally draw the eye to your design, meaning more customers will want to explore it further.

  1. Keep It Simple

Overcomplicating your poster will confuse viewers and this can muddle your message. Pick one idea and stick to it this will make it easily understandable at a glance.

At Printdesigns we offer a trusted poster printing service, as well as supplying grip frames and poster rails to help to display these promotional tools to the best of their ability. Even after reading our tips, if you want extra help in creating your graphics our team of experienced staff will be happy to advise you on creating the perfect poster for business success!