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Why use LED?

Lighting is an important feature of any trade show display. It can highlight certain aspects of your graphics and make them more noticeable. It can dramatically change the mood of your booth, and clever lighting can even be used to guide visitors and draw them into your booth.

LED lights such as the Powerspot 1050 LED Floodlight have added advantages that shouldn’t be overlooked:

• Suitable for use on Quick Fix and Express Pop up stands and linear display stands. A range of fixings are available to allow you to use these lamps easily on a variety of display stands.

• This lamp provides light the equivalent of a traditional 200W halogen bulb, and yet it produces significantly less heat and also uses much less energy.

• Unlike other types of bulb that rely on delicate elements that are easily broken, the LED lamps are ‘solid state’ which makes them much more durable and less fragile than traditional lamps.

• As they produce little heat, these lamps can be packed away once the exhibition is over with no need for cooling down – saving you time.