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Why pop up stands are easy to assemble

Pop up stands are always a popular choice for exhibition displays. Portable and practical they represent good value for money whilst still providing visual impact. There are three main types, the most common of which is the magnetic pop up stand.

The high quality aluminium framework of these pop up stands locks together magnetically, with the channel bars also being magnetically attached. The Quick Fix Pop Up Stands also have wide gauge tubing, which is more rigid and results in a more stable stand. Added stability doesn’t just mean that the stand is more robust, but it also makes the graphic panels fit the frame much better.

The use of magnets for the construction of the stand reduces assembly time and the number of fixtures and fittings that need to be used (and could be lost)! The framework pops up easily, the magnetic bars are simply attached, and then the graphic panels can be hung using the nodes at the top of the frame, and magnetic attachments on the sides.

Even for a complete beginner, the assembly of a magnetic pop up stand should take no more than ten minutes, and once you have some practise, the assembly time should get shorter and shorter, which is a real bonus when setting up an exhibition display stand.