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What is so good about pop up stands?

These stands are called pop up stands for a reason… They are easy to assemble, and even someone who is completely new to them will only need about ten minutes. For someone with more experience, set-up is even quicker.


These portable pop up stands are cheaper than bespoke exhibition displays, and can also be reused with new graphics when necessary, making them an extremely cost-effective option. Despite their portability, they are robust and can withstand even high traffic areas or frequent use.

Cases are durable and lightweight and often have wheels which make them particularly easy to move around, and they pack down small enough to be transported even by car. Some cases can even be integrated into the exhibition itself – with a counter top and wraparound graphics they can be used as part of the exhibition furniture and as storage.

High impact
Lighting and accessories such as shelves and LCD monitors can increase the impact of your display, increase your visibility and engage your visitors.

Graphics can be changed easily, meaning you can keep your exhibition displays up to date with minimum hassle. Panels can also be linked together, allowing you to create a variety of shapes and spaces.