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What do trade shows have to offer?

What do trade shows offer that other types of marketing don’t? Well, presenting your company at a trade show is one marketing approach that reaches areas that other types simply can’t… Here are a few of the benefits that come only from exhibiting:

• Meet potential customers face to face. A trade show is your opportunity to impress prospects with your people, and everyone knows that people sell.

• The public at trade shows tends to be a specific, targeted public, which makes them better-qualified leads. Collecting their information and starting new relationships are two of any exhibitor’s main goals.

• If you are exhibiting a product or service, then trade shows offer a chance to demonstrate the value of your products and services. Use staff or video to show your goods in action and prove to the public what’s in it for them.

• Try and get media coverage of your exhibit. Contact local (or national) newspapers, radio and television and attract them with the novelty of your exhibition or product. Film your trade show experience and use it afterwards for promotional purposes: website, e-newsletter etc.

• Use the trade show and the professionally-produced graphics for your display stands to promote your corporate identity and increase your notoriety.