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What are the different types of exhibition stands?

Gone are the days when exhibitors used to rely solely on traditional mediums of advertising. Exhibitors and marketers have now turned towards greener pastures like exhibitions and trade shows. This is why exhibitors use exhibition stands for promoting their products or wares. However, it is important that exhibitors choose appropriate exhibition stands. Given below are some different types of exhibition stands and their features:

Modular exhibition stands

These types of stands are immensely popular among exhibitors. Moreover, modular stands also offer more versatility to exhibitors. Some of the common types of modular stands are as follows:

• Table top displays
• Point of purchase
• Portable displays

You can thus choose a stand that meets your requirements and needs aptly.

Literature Stands
They are specialised stands designed for different types of literature. These stands are basically portable bookshelves which have different shelves. Exhibitors can thus place small items on the stands for people to browse. You can thus leave a lasting impression on the attendees with these stands. Moreover, consumers can walk away with branded material related to your business.

Banner Stands
Banner stands are an innovation in the current marketing scenario. They are used to hold the banners in a secure position. Roller banners, rigid banners and motorised banners are some of the different types of exhibition stands available. They are easy to assemble and are also available in many different styles and designs.

Pop up stands

These stands are certainly one of the most visually appealing varieties of exhibition stands. They are versatile and portable in nature. Pop up stands are also easy to set up and perfect for branding purposes.