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What are the benefits of using pop up stands?

Exhibitions and trade shows are some of the common promotional strategies used by companies these days. Obtaining a competitive edge is made much easier with the use of exhibition stands. However, it is necessary that you select the right type of exhibition stand to make things easier for you. You can now increase the number of footfalls with an effective pop up exhibition stand.

Here are some of the reasons why exhibitors should employ pop up stands:

Flexibility and Mobility

Exhibitions and trade shows are attended on a large scale by marketers and exhibitors. This is why a bulky construction would certainly add to your woes. You should instead opt for a compact and flexible pop up stand which is quite easy to assemble and move around. They are also portable in nature and this makes them a perfect choice for moving within the exhibition space. They can also benefit the exhibitors when it comes to attending several exhibitions in a single day. Pop up stands can be set up within just a few minutes. Moreover, even a single individual can set up the pop up stand without any assistance. This will help the organisation to curb its spending.


Pop up stands are durable in nature and can last for several years without the need of any additional maintenance. They are made from sturdy materials which can withstand daily wear and tear.


Pop up stands are rather inexpensive in nature and are affordable compared to other types of exhibition stands.

The above mentioned benefits have contributed immensely to the popularity of pop up stands.