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UV Printing with White Ink | Printdesigns Latest News

This February saw our Vutek PressVu machine being uninstalled. Since purchasing the printer almost 3 years ago, we have utilized the UV flatbed printing capabilities to produce all manner of display boards and signs for exhibition stands, tradeshows and events. After 3 years, however the existing printer was struggling to keep up with the volume of production on some days and therefore we took to decision to replace it with a newer model, a Vutek QS series machine.

For those who do not know anything about the UV printing process…….

UV printing uses liquid ink that is applied down onto the material and is then exposed to powerful UV light that causes it to ‘cure’ into a flexible solid within a fraction of a second. UV printing allows us to print onto almost any type of material and because the ink contains no harmful solvents, it is an environmentally friendly printing process too. With our UV printing equipment, we can print onto flexible rolls or rigid sheets thus giving us great flexibility to produce all manner of exhibition displays.

The new QS machine outputs at 1080dpi, almost double the resolution of our old UV printer. Furthermore speed is increased which will allow us to react even more quickly to bulk or last minute orders of banner stands, pop up stands and roller banners.

In addition to increased quality and speed, the new machine also features a white ink channel. The ability to print white ink allows us to print onto sheets of material of any colour because before printing the image, we can first print white ink (so the printed image stands out). White ink can also be printed behind the image, this would be important when printing onto acrylic sheets whereby otherwise the image would look translucent like a stained-glass window.

If you would like more information about our new UV printing capabilities, please just call on 01785 224055 or visit our website.