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Using Trade Show Space Effectively

essential_pop_up_componentsThe allocated space at a trade show is the same for many of the attendees; the difference in their levels of success is how effectively they make use of their given space. Making the most of a trade show floor is crucial in making the event a success for a business.

Mark Thompson, Sales Director at Printdesigns, a leading UK supplier of quality exhibition stands, says, “The best way to get the best out of an exhibition space is to meticulously plan every element of the set-up. Those running stands need to know exactly which graphics will be seen from certain angles, where their visitors will stand when they are discussing payment options and which way the visitor traffic will flow through the space. Establishing and planning all of these elements with great care and attention is one of the more important elements in creating a great exhibition display.”

The first thing to consider is the size. Does it really matter? There are numerous giant banner stands on the market which will get across a message in super-size, but for the spaces that cannot accommodate a banner stand of such size, there are other ways to convey a brand message. The vast majority of attendees at trade shows and exhibitions don’t necessarily respond to banner stands because of their overwhelming size. High-quality, targeted information is what catches their attention most effectively, and rather than pursuing size at all costs, this is what exhibitors should be aiming for.

Being able to put yourself into the audience’s shoes is important in the planning of a stand. Will they feel cramped and crowded if they stand in a certain spot to peruse a leaflet or examine a stand? Will they be overstimulated by lights, colour, audio, visual and the amount of staff members trying to sell to them? Empathise with the visitor; those planning the stands should try to establish what they themselves would want out of an exhibition stand to better understand what their potential customers might want.

If the space is large and visitors will need to be directed through the space, use signage to create coherent traffic flows. This not only helps the visitors feel less cramped, it also helps to organise queues and lines to take details and allows sales staff to identify the visitors they have not yet conversed with. Also consider what can be done to entice visitors to complete the circuit of their display; place an incentive such as a giveaway or a goody bag at the end to ensure they persevere with the sign-up process.