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Using colour in graphics

It is taken as a given that exhibition graphics need to be attractive and that colour plays its part in creating striking displays. Few exhibition stands are monochrome; most use some contrasting colours to create impact.

But how do you choose which colours to use?

• One approach is to associate colours used on graphics on banner and pop up stands with corporate colours or those used for brand and product images.

• Colour can make a contribution to communication, and associations can convey meaning which can be taken into account at the design stage.

• Certain colours can also evoke particular emotions in the viewer, so be aware of this and make sure the associations with your choice of colours do not contradict your message.

• Primary colours can suggest simplicity and more often used when targeting a younger audience.

• If you are exhibiting abroad, remember that different cultures associate different colours with different things.

• Colours can be interpreted as warm, cold, dark and light. Some are considered calming and peaceful, while others are associated with danger and anger etc.

• Combinations of colour should be considered carefully for the overall effect that they produce.