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Twist Curve Banner System Lauches

Twist Curve Display System

Twist Curve Display System

The original Twist banner stand was launched several years ago by manufacturer Eve Products, based in the UK.

At the time linking banner stands were frankly very poor and used weak edge-to-edge magnetic tape to pull the panels together. Such linking banner stands were prone to literally falling apart in the slightest draught or when knocked or bumped at an exhibition.

The Twist stand employed the same type of magnetic channel bars proven for use in pop up display stands for many years, floated over the back of the panel joins between graphics thus eliminating linking problems.

Originally created as a premium display system, the Twist banner stand has never competed on price when compared to many low cost banner stands that the market is saturated with and consequently has not been economically viable to exhibitors on a budget or those companies who wish to roll-out display stands to multiple venues for marketing campaigns.

The new Twist Curve Display System is in essence a low cost variant of the original Twist linking banner system. It uses many of the same key components such as the springy top bar that tensions the graphic and the same magnetic linking bars.

Cost savings have been made by replacing the original, heavy base with a slimline alternative featuring fold out feet. This also reduces the weight of the kit substantially to only 12KG (plus printed graphics). Further cost and weight savings are made by making the lighting an optional part and by packaging the bases of the stands in cardboard boxes rather than machined carry bags.

Despite the cost reductions, the Twist Curve Display System still features all the flexibility of the original flexilink stand from Eve Products. For example, the main wing panels of the stand can be used individually as single or double sided banner stands when required.

The Curve Display is available to purchase at or website along with our other great range of display stands. For more information call our website or speak to one of our team who can help on 0185 224055