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Transporting pop up stands safely

When you have invested time and money in the choice and design of your pop up stands, you want to ensure that they serve you for as long as possible.

In order to do this, you need to make sure that you protect them from potential damage caused in transit or storage.

When choosing a case, you need to take into account how sturdy it needs to be and, of course, your budget:

• Fabric carry bags will keep pop up frame magnetic bars clean and prevent them from damaging your graphic panels.

• Padded bags will prevent damage to frames and makes them easier to carry.

• Replacement graphics can be stored in polypropylene drums to protect them from damage whilst not in use.

• Transit cases with wheels are best suited for the transportation of your graphics. Some models can be padlocked for additional peace of mind, and some can also be fitted with wraparound graphics along with counter tops. This means they can be integrated into an exhibition stand as part of the display, rather than you having to find somewhere to store them. They can even be used to store items, giving them another purpose!

• The most expensive but most versatile cases allow easy and secure transport, and have integrated separate compartments for all the elements of your pop up stand, including lighting, and can also double up as counters and storage.