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Traditional display stands still popular and versatile

While the options for display stands may seem endless, with pop up and banner stands, lcd screens and lighting, it may seem surprising that folding panel kits are still so popular.

And yet, this traditional display stand has many benefits:

• It is cost-effective, sturdy and durable

• It is easy to transport, lightweight and can be assembled and packed away easily and quickly by one person

• It is available in a variety of shapes and sizes

• You have the option of attaching display documents to the boards using Velcro or printing eye-catching panels

• The wide variety of colours available allows you to choose a colour that matches or complements your corporate colours

• It suits small spaces

It is this versatility that means that folding panel kits haven’t been totally replaced by the sophisticated pop up stands and other more recent display stand designs.

The Velcro attachment system means it is extremely simple to change and renew displays, making the stands ideal for reception areas or displays that show smaller pieces of work.

As they are also well suited for use in presentations, conferences, and in the office folding panels can be useful if you want to use your display stand in between trade fairs.