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Trade Show Design Tips

Exhibiting at a trade show can be a fantastic opportunity for any company to:

• Increase sales
• Undertake market research
• Develop customer relations and prospect lists
• Launch new products and services
• Increase visibility and notoriety
• Develop new business relationships
• Get up to date with industry news

Designing a trade show booth needs careful consideration however, if the experience is to be profitable and positive.

The size and type of the booth and your budget are likely to be determining factors in the choice of exhibition display stands and other furniture. You will need to set clear objectives and decide on your core message before you make this and other design decisions.

Whether you decide to go for pop up stands, banner stands or another type of display, there are some important points to keep in mind:

• Use fewer stands more effectively. Too many will make your booth crowded and difficult to navigate. Visitors will be put off and confused by too much information.
• Use contrasting heights, widths and shapes to create interest.
• Use lights not only to highlight graphics, but also to create atmosphere and draw people in.
• Design graphics carefully. Fonts should be simple and clear and large enough to see from a distance, with important messages at eye-level. Images need to be striking and complement the message.

Careful planning and an unswerving focus on your message and your target customer will help to make your trade show objectives a reality.