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Tips on displaying a great banner stand

A good banner stand is integral to a successful trade exhibit. Banner stands make for a strong and effective visual statement at a fair, trade show, exhibition or fair.

Banner stands generally stand tall and are made of metal stands which hold up fabric or vinyl banners.

A banner stand can vary from one manufacturer to another. Thus there can be small changes in the mechanics of the various banner stands available. Banner stands can be easily assembled, packed, carried and reassembled when needed. They are thus great compact units which can be stored and transported with ease.

Putting up a banner stand

To start with, you can position the base unit of the banner stand where you desire. Many of the banner stands have multiple sections of poles that need to be fit together. Some poles are hinged and need to be unfolded while others are telescopic.

Fasten the threaded pole end of the banner stand into the hole at the centre of the base of the stand. Some stands have retractable banners which need to be pulled up while other banners need to be hooked into position. Some manual banners need to be hooked while some others snap into position. The snaps and the hooks of the banner can be found at the bottom and the top centre points. The retractable banner can be pulled open and its edges can be hooked at the top of the banner pole.

It’s really easy to put up a banner stand, once you have done it a few times you will find that it can be done in a matter of minutes.