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Tips for setting up a trade show exhibit (2)

Continued from the previous article…

3. Although pop up and banner stands can generally be assembled without the need for tools, prepare a box of items that could come in handy. Perhaps a few basic tools, sticky tape, sticking plasters for those blisters…
Think about what you may need, and put it in the box!

4. Make sure your trade show staff receive a last-minute review of their exhibition training. Use it to:
a. reinforce the main elements of the message you want to communicate to visitors
b. motivate your employees
c. provide their schedule of events
d. reiterate the goals of the exhibition
e. remind them of how they are to behave

5. Eat and drink before the show opens! Food and drink should not be consumed on the exhibition stand during the event by any member of staff. Stock up before starting time so that you can wait for a break for more refreshments.

6. Familiarise yourself with the exhibition hall and the other stands. Pay attention to the tactics being used by competitors, and make appointments with potential suppliers, partners or customers.

There is plenty of potential for hiccups when exhibiting, but good preparation will help you avoid some and ensure that you are equipped to deal with others, in order to make your exhibition experience a profitable one!