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Tips for designing graphics

It has been said before on this blog, but I’ll say it again anyway… At a trade show, you generally have one shot at pulling in the visitors. You only have a few seconds as they pass by your exhibition stand to grab their attention and draw them in.

It may be tempting, therefore, to put as much information as possible in your display, so that they get the maximum details about you and your services or products. This, however, is definitely not a good idea.

Don’t forget that the text needs to be big enough to be seen from a distance, which is one reason why content should be kept to a minimum:

• Identify the main points of the message and leave the rest for brochures/face to face explanations.

• General messages about the company may seem to be a more cost-effective option. Remember, however, that your graphics need to sell you/your company/your products and services. In short, they need to make you money.

• You will need to carefully consider what your objectives are and how best to achieve them. Will a general, less precise message be as arresting as one that is geared towards a specific message?

• A general graphic may be adaptable, but does it simply serve as decoration rather than a hook for new customers?