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Tips for creating successful exhibition stands

Companies are always looking at exhibitions and trade shows to increase the number of customers they have. This is because these events usually have hundreds and thousands of potential customers that visit them looking for a variety of products and services. In addition to this, companies usually find numerous rival companies that offer the same products and services as them.


One of the best ways for companies to attract customers at these events is through the use of exhibition stands. These promotional tools are ideal for grabbing the attention of passer-bys in a professional yet creative way. Designing the exhibition stands themselves is best left up to professional services. However, there are a few things you should remember at times like these.


  • It is important that companies select colours that stand out and are attractive to grab attention. Vibrant and crisp colours can make exhibitions and companies appear very appealing, but avoid colours that are too offensive or bright.
  • Companies should also use bold and striking graphics that can make them easily recognisable. However, limit the graphic elements with easy-to-read text to make the exhibition stands attractive and functional.
  • Banners are a great way to increase the appeal of exhibition stands. However, ensure the banner stands are of the appropriate size to match the exhibition space.
  • Additional visual stimulation like lighting can also add to the attractiveness of the exhibition stands. Video presentations are also a good way to grab customers’ attention.

In addition to this, handing out literature to customers is a good way to draw more people to exhibition stands. The more unique and alluring exhibition stands are, the more popularity they will receive.