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Tips for creating striking graphics

1. Be concise! Try to limit the number of words you use to a minimum. Your visitor needs to be able to read your message in just a few seconds. Any longer, and they will move on from your exhibition stand without finishing.

2. Avoid backgrounds that have too many colours or elements, as it will detract from the clarity of your message.

3. Make sure there is sufficient contrast between background colours and the colour of your text. If it is insufficient, it will make your text difficult to read.

4. Whacky, interesting fonts may seem tempting, but it is generally accepted that they are difficult to read and that people are more likely to switch off when confronted with the effort of deciphering them. Stick to simple, clear fonts.

5. Make sure your text size is big enough! You need people to be attracted to it and to read it from a distance away, so it needs be large – 10 cm or more.

6. Place important text at eye-level or higher so that it remains unobstructed and clearly visible.

7. Your image must complement your text, be appropriate to your audience, and complete your message.

8. Make sure that your image is high quality, even when enlarged and printed on panels.

9. It is better to go for one striking image rather than several, which may just dissipate the attention of the visitor.