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Things you can use for outdoor exhibitions beside display stands

Outdoor exhibitions need more attention than indoor ones. There are many factors in outdoor exhibitions that distract visitors. You need quite a few things to gain visitors’ attention and stand out distinctively from the crowd of companies competing for the attention of same target audience. Some such things are listed below:

Outdoor display counters

These counters are made up of durable plastic. They can hence be easily used in weather conditions like heavy rainfall and wind. You can also find counters with water or sand weights that make them the best in terms of stability. Outdoor display counters can also be used in stormy weather conditions.

Pop up and spring banners

As these display stands are easy to assemble and lightweight, these should be chosen by frequent exhibitors. Some of the types available are:

• Round pop up and spring up banners
• Horizontal bean shape pop up and spring up banners
• Vertical pop up and spring up banners

Outdoor A boards

Outdoor A boards are used to advertise promotional offers and other products manufactured by the same company outside their exhibition premises. You can buy these stands with or without displays and can put up posters as per your choice.

Flying flag banners

These banners are popular amongst exhibitors as they always manage to attract visitors with their attractive styles, designs and shape. Flying flag banners are light in weight and extremely easy to transport.