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The types of trade show display stands available

Trade show display stands are beneficial for a company as they help in the exposure of newly launched products. These display stands attract and direct the attention of attendees to the services offered by the company. Pop up display, tabletop panel, banner stands and literature racks are just a few of the many display stands that are available for exhibiting companies.

Understanding pop up displays

Pop up display stands come in various sizes and in a wide range of materials and designs. Pop up display stands are marketing tools in themselves, as you can choose from with attractive lighting features and designs. Most of them also come with a case that makes it easier to carry and transport them from venue to venue.

Banner display stands

Banner display stands are an excellent marketing tool. There are several types available depending on the needs of the exhibitor. These display stands are made from a light material and therefore are very portable. They can either be single or double sided depending on the space available and also the number of items that need to be displayed.

Literature racks

A major advantage of literature racks is that they are foldable and hence can be fit into a briefcase easily. They are light and come with a number of racks that can contain information on the company’s products and services.

Tabletop panels

These are rectangular pieces that are available in various sizes and designs according to the needs of the organisation. Tabletop panels are not as easy to assemble as pop stands but are more durable. They are compact and come in a briefcase style case, which makes it easier for transportation.