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The traditional trade show stands

Choosing the right banner stand for your trade show

The design and type of banner stand can decide on how your company is represented at exhibitions. The right banner stand can result in more leads and sales for your business. The people who attend your trade show have probably been to many other exhibitions. You need to stand out from the rest and make your products more eye-catching for the attendees. Companies should do their best to uphold their reputation and stay within the allocated budget while ensuring a successful trade show.

Traditional trade show stands are ideal for companies with limited budget. Standard signs and simple display is not a bad idea and can sometimes be more beneficial than expected. These displays often make use of fabric or vinyl. Fabric banners are more durable as they do not crease or fold while vinyl banner are easier to read.

Custom display stands

Custom display stands can be made according to the requirement of the company. These banners can be decorated with graphics and company logos. Other important information on the product can also be advertised with custom designed display stands. These stands are made from a lighter material and are portable.

Banner stands
These stands meet the demands of most promotional events. A major advantage of using banner stands is that they can be wall mounted, hence saving valuable floor space. They are highly versatile and can withstand harsh conditions.

Other types of display stands
There are many other technologically advanced display stands available in the market. Retractable banners roll up and are attached with the help of a Velcro for ease of use. They are lightweight, durable and fit almost any size. X banner stands and pop up display stands are some of the other types of stands available.