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The Many Uses of Banner Stands

Sustainable banner stands

For small businesses, who don’t regularly attend exhibitions and trade events, banner stands purchased for these occasions can appear to be a waste of money. However, banner stands are extremely versatile and as they are portable, they can be reused in a variety of creative ways. If a banner display stand was used at an exhibition, then more than likely the company logo and possibly even biography or corporate ethos is printed onto it. This is a vital marketing tool that could be used to advertise your brand in a multitude of ways long after the date of the exhibition. Here are just a few suggestions on how to reuse a banner stand after a trade event:

• Temporary Room Partitions
Depending on the size of the stand, more often than not it can be used as a suitable, portable room partition – especially if it is double sided. Perfect for dividing up teams in an office, or splitting a meeting room in half to make room for separate small conferences, a banner stand can transform any corporate environment.
• Sales Presentations
A banner stand from a previous trade event is effectively a free marketing tool, so why not use it? Most banner stands are compact and portable, perfect for taking along to sales presentations. Presenting a pitch next to a banner stand will make the company stand out from the rest with its professionalism and commitment to detail.
• Recruitment and Training Events
Recruitment drives and mass training events would benefit from a banner stand to establish the company as a brand and an employer. For potential or new employees, the banner stand will set the bar for professionalism, and often let them know how to contact the company with any questions or issues.
• A Welcome Stand
Placed in the reception of a business building, a professionally printed banner stand will give off the right impression to employees, clients and important visitors. The professional and informative welcome stand, positioned correctly by the lift or the first set of doors, is the perfect branding tool to claim authority of the building, floor or room.

Whatever banner stand you have lying around, whether it’s a roller banner or a totem display stand, make it efficient around the office. These are just a handful of many innovative uses for a banner stand that is no longer required at an exhibition.

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