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The great outdoors

So, what are the main differences between indoor and outdoor displays? Why, the great British weather, of course! Outdoor displays are designed to withstand the climatic conditions, so if you are planning an outdoor exhibition, you need to pay attention to the following:


• Base stability – some bases are spiked in order to allow banner stands to be firmly attached to the ground. They are best suited to soft ground, while stands on harder ground can be stabilised using cross or tyre bases. Weighted bases consist of hollow moulded bases that can be filled with sand or water for added stability. Play safe when choosing the type of base to use – the last thing you want is for your stands to fall over!

• Banner materials – if you are expecting windy conditions at the trade show, then go for PVC mesh for your graphics. They allow the wind to pass through thus creating less resistance, and are less likely to blow over.

Weather resistance

• Resistance to fading from sunlight – some inks are not suitable for outdoor use and fade quickly in natural light. Outdoor A boards, for example, should be printed onto hardwearing PVC using a durable UV printing process.

• Water proof – inks that won’t run in the rain. Weather proof inks are indispensable, as you do not want to invest in fantastic graphics that will be ruined at the first spot of rain…