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The Essentials

If you are new to exhibitions and are not quite sure what to expect or how best to kit out your exhibition stand, especially if you have a limited budget, then here is a list of those essential pieces of equipment that will get you started:

3X3 Express Pop Up Stand
With five panels, and magnetic graphic hangers rather than the standard mechanical fixings, this pop up stand is a good place to start. The magnetic hangers are almost impossible to break, even if you are inexperienced at setting them up and allow you to easily hang the graphics so that they fit flush to the frame.

The first time you pop up the stand, expect to take no more than ten minutes to fully assemble it, although this set up time will decrease with practice.

Quick Roll Classic Roller Banner
This model boasts a compact mechanism and is a robust design, which means it will travel better and prove more resistant when used frequently and in high traffic areas, while still providing you with high quality graphics to get your message across.

Literature Holders
Extremely portable, models such as the Zed Up Lite and Media 4 Deluxe fold neatly up into compact carry cases, and are essential for displaying any literature or brochures you want to distribute to your visitors.