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The business benefits of planning

Trade shows are all about ROI. They are fantastic opportunities to develop your business, but without the right preparation, can turn into a disastrous waste of time. Here are some of tips for those of you considering attending your first trade show:

1. Establish objectives:
Are you promoting your existing services/products or launching new ones?
How much do you want to sell?
Do you want to extend your network of professional contacts?
How many prospective clients do you want to add to your contacts list?
Do you want to develop your relationship with existing clients?

2. Find your show:
Look for a show that attracts your target audience.
Research the show’s attendance figures to find out how much traffic to expect, the kind of audience previously attracted, and the quality of spaces available.
Think about logistics and budget.

3. Plan your stand:
Get all the information necessary – how big is your space, who will be immediately surrounding your stand etc.
Look at all the display stand options: what is most appropriate to your intended audience – banner stands, pop up stands, roller banners etc…?
Think about the design of your individual displays.

4. Tell everyone about it:
Invite your customers to a demo / cocktail drinks / food and encourage them to bring someone.
Advertise your presence – mention in your newsletter, on your website, maybe in the local press.